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Blurred Lines

Project type



Dec 2022




Director: Neelakshi Yadav
Cinematography: Matt Tam
Photography: Vitalij Sidorovic
Producer: Sylvia
Concept & Styling: Bhavya Bhutani
Models: Anti Camera & Varvara Ivanova
HMUA: DianaZ

With ‘gender performativity becoming the burning topic of every conversation in the fashion industry and the rise of digital identity on various social media platforms, the shapelessness of all matters is considered a questionable subject. Such as social pressures of stereotypes, theories and binaries dominated by politics, should be adopted by the wider society. We are gradually transforming into a multi-faceted soul, residing in form, open to limitless possibilities and not to be defined, labelled and minimised by social constructs. When could we truly be free, unconfined by societal norms or be shapeless?

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