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Behind this mask, another mask!

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Jan 2023




Concept, Creative Direction and Styling: Bhavya Bhutani
Photography: Cristina Fazzi
Hair and Makeup: Joanna Masiewicz
Models: Liza Radlov & Caitlin

In our everyday lives, we often find ourselves wearing layers of masks. Growing up in a patriarchal society, societal norms dictate our behaviour without allowing us to question them. We conform to these expectations, rarely getting the chance to truly express our authentic selves. Vulnerability becomes a myth, and exposing it can be seen as a crime, as it may leave us open to exploitation. On the other hand, suppressing our emotions and true selves hinders our ability to be expressive.

Through this story, the aim is to shed light on the two sides of personal identity. Embracing vulnerability should be encouraged and empathized with, as sharing our feelings and being our genuine selves should be celebrated. While the concept of beauty may seem appealing, there is always another side to it that is often overlooked.

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